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Benefits of Breast Reduction

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As with the majority of surgery it is completed to benefit the individual, and breast reduction is seen as a procedure which can benefit a woman in a number of ways. If it is found that the size of your breasts are causing you issues medically, mentally or physically the procedure eliminates a number of problems instantly and is known to improve women's' lives substantially.

Medical benefits of having your breasts reduced

Many women suffer from pain caused by their large breasts, the surgery eliminates these problems and can assist with:

  • Back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.
  • Skin problems caused by excessive sweating under the breasts.
  • Improving opportunities for you to participate in a healthier more exercise based lifestyle.

As the results of the procedure occur instantly these problems are found in the majority of women to be eliminated almost automatically.

Mental benefits of having your breasts reduced

It can often be found that women who are unhappy within their bodies can suffer from some form of depression as well as low self esteem and low self confidence. Large breasts can often cause embarrassment as well as unwanted attention and some women often experience harassment sue to the size of their breasts. Other women may find that they are unhappy with the shape, the placement of their nipples, and the amount of sagging or droop that their breasts may have due to weight loss, pregnancy or just general lifestyle. This can also influence a woman's mental state and can often lead to depression. Depression can also be caused by an unequal look, for example some women find that one breast is larger than the other, the procedure can eliminate this problem and can leave a woman feeling much happier within themselves.

Physical benefits of having your breasts reduced

If you find that you are unable to wear specific lingerie or fashionable clothing styles because of your larger breasts this can often influence on how you feel about yourself. If you feel that smaller breasts will assist with improving your overall look, this could be one benefit gained from the procedure. Many women also find that die to large breasts they are unable to participate in specific exercise as their breasts can cause them pain, this can be eliminated by the procedure and can therefore lead to a much healthier lifestyle.

How long does breast reduction last?

This type of procedure is one surgery which has the most immediate results, however in the long term the shape and size of your breasts are still subject to change. As you will find the procedure should instantly improve your self esteem and life choices, you will find that any medical problems and pain you have experienced will have been eliminated, and this of course will last the duration of the time that your breasts are the same shape. Many women will find that the pain caused will of course never come back unless their breasts gain in size again, this is a possibility.

How will my breasts change size?

You may find that if you get pregnant, gain or lose weight then as the breast tissue still in the breasts act as usual tissue would your breast may grown or shrink if these situations occur.  You may also find that over time your breasts, will like all women, be affected by gravity, they may begin to sag and droop, but this will obviously take time and won't happen instantly. As the left over tissue acts like usual breast tissue you should expect life and gravity to take its natural toll on your breasts and you should expect a change in shape over time.

How long will the scars last?

Your scars will fade within several months and will hopefully within time become less and less visible which will constantly improve your body image. You will usually find that the scars are red and lumpy to begin with, and you should give up smoking as this can affect the healing process, it usually takes much longer for wounds to heal on somebody who smokes rather than on somebody who doesn't, it can also increase your risk of infection. Your scars will scab and this should be left to heal alone, after several months the scars will fade to purple and then white and will become less and less noticeable.

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