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Breast Reduction Procedure

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Breast reduction surgery can be completed through numerous techniques, and is relatively safe. It is a common procedure, and you will receive a large amount of advice concerning the procedure from medical specialists during numerous consultations which you will need to attend.

Anchor Type or Inverted T Reduction

This procedure is the most common, and leaves an anchor shaped scar. The scar starts at the nipple and leads down to under the breast crease.

Vertical Pattern Breast Reduction

This procedure leaves a circular scar around the areola with then a vertical scar downward from the nipple.  With this surgery there is no scarring left under the breast. If you have excessively large breasts this procedure is not usually as effective as others, and you may have a longer healing period with this type of surgery.

Circumareolar Reduction

This method leaves a circular scar around the areola, and is often suitable for smaller reduction operations. Your surgeon and medical team will discuss with you the variety of methods available to you and will help with deciding the best procedure for you.

How is the breast reduction procedure carried out?

The procedure will remove excess tissue from your breast; the surgeon will remove this tissue through an incision made under the breast. Your skin will be moulded to ensure that the shape of the breasts are equal, smooth and consistent. Your nipples will then be adjusted to ensure that your breasts look correct. The incision under the breast will be closed with stitches; sometimes the stitches used will be dissolvable stitches. Surgery will be completed under general anaesthetic. The operation will take between one to three hours, if complications occur however you may be in theatre for a longer period of time.

What happens after the breast reduction procedure?

You will find that when you wake up from the general anaesthetic you may feel slightly dizzy or sick, this is normal. Your breasts may be wrapped in a special support dressing, or you may be wearing a sports bra, this is to offer adequate support for the breasts, and to ensure that they at all times are in the correct position to heal, it is to reduce any risk of the wounds stretching and causing complications with healing. You may also have tubes still attached to the breasts, these are to drain any excess fluid and blood, and these may stay in for up to 48 hours. You may be in hospital for up to 4 days, where your recovery will be analysed on a constant basis, and you will have access to any pain relief you may need during your stay.

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