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Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

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As with all surgery you will find that there are certain risks associated with the procedure, the best thing to do to ensure that you reduce any risks occurring is to familiarise yourself with what could occur. This will ensure that if something is to go wrong you are aware of the problem straight away and therefore able to deal with it effectively, it may also give you the chance to stop any complications occurring. Breast reduction surgery is generally considered as a safe surgery, but you should be aware to reduce and recognise any problems.

Types of risks

You may find that you suffer from some discomfort due to the general anaesthesia, many women claim that following surgery they feel dizzy or sick whilst the anaesthesia is wearing off, this should disappear once the anaesthetic is out of your system. Some people however have a reaction to the anaesthetic, this however will be dealt with appropriately within the hospital environment, you should ensure that at all times you are as honest as possible about your medical history as this will reduce the risks of any allergic reactions to types of medicine. You may also find that due to surgery you could lose a lot of blood, this could require a blood transfusion – this is however rare, you will be required to sign a declaration form which allows medical staff to perform any procedure necessary if anything is to go wrong, to ensure your safety.

Pain following breast reduction surgery

You will find that your breasts are sore for anywhere between a few weeks to the first few months, as women vary from person to person this will influence on how long the pain lasts during your recovery period. With regards to scarring again as results and scarring vary person from person you will find that it can take from a few weeks to a few months for your scars to heal, they will firstly appear red and lumpy and will be obvious for a certain amount of time, however they will fade over time, usually within the following few months prior to surgery. You may also use specific products on the market to assist in the healing of your wounds, as well as the reduction of scarring. You may also have the option of scar revision surgery available to you if it is needed.

Effects caused by surgery

You may find that after breast reduction surgery that you have certain after effects; some women find it impossible to breast feed following surgery. Other women, between 4 and 7 % find that their nipples may be less sensitive; this usually occurs if your nipples have been moved during surgery. Some women also find that they are not happy with the size of their breasts following surgery, you could risk being dissatisfied with the shape or size of your breasts, to reduce this you should ensure that you are 100% honest and open with your surgeon and that they are fully aware of what you are expecting from surgery.

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