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Complications caused by Breast Reduction Surgery

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As with risks from surgery there is also a risk that you may experience certain complications from your breast reduction surgery, complications can however can occur in any kind of surgery, and you should ensure that you are aware of any type of complications which you may experience. If you familiarise yourself with these complications you may ensure that you reduce any of the complications occurring, you should at all times follow advice given to you by medical specialist as at all times they have your safety in mind.

What types of complications may occur with regards to scarring and my wounds?

You may find that during surgery the surgical incisions cause you to lose excessive amounts of blood – your surgeon will ensure that they have permission to perform a blood transfusion if this is the case. You can also find that these wounds may become infected during recovery, you will of course be given antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection, and you will be given advice to deal with the wounds, you will also have regular checkups to ensure your risk of infection is as low as possible, however even though all of these provisions are in place sometimes infection still occurs, you will, if infection occurs receive treatment through extra antibiotics. Another problem which may occur with regard to your wounds is the scars may produce large scabbing – you should leave the scab as otherwise it may cause larger scarring.

Other complications from the breast reduction procedure

Some women find that following surgery there is a chance of blood clots forming; you may wear compression stockings during the procedure and your recovery to reduce the risk of them. There is also a risk of what is called Haematoma – this is where there is bleeding inside the breast, it can cause swelling and pain, and may require further surgery to eliminate the problem. You may also find that your breasts are different sizes, or your nipples may be unlevel – this is rare, and the risk of this should be eliminated if you ensure that your surgeon and their team are as experienced and qualified as possible.

How can I reduce these complications?

As everyone varies, the complications, risks and recovery associated with breast reduction surgery vary from person to person. It can depend on how you recover and deal with any problems you may experience, at all times you should follow the advice given to you from your specialist medical team, surgeon and nurses. You should as well ensure that where possible you provide your medical team with the most accurate medical history as possible, and ensuring that you are aware of what risks and complications are associated with the procedure could just help you to pin point any problems and deal with them efficiently and effectively. You should also consider the aftercare package you are receiving from the clinic that have completed your surgery, as you may require revision surgery or medicine to deal with any problems, before you go ahead with surgery you should determine how any complications will be dealt with and whether you will be required to pay any extra.

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