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Reasons for having Breast Reduction Surgery

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Many people will have their own individual reasons for considering, or going ahead with breast reduction surgery. It is of upmost importance that you ensure the reasons behind going ahead with an operation like this are your own, and that the benefits of the operation will improve your lifestyle. You are not alone in your decision, and many other women are in the same position as you.

Medical reasons

Many people experience some kind of discomfort if their breasts are large, this in turn can cause people to suffer from certain health problems. This surgery can relieve certain types of strain upon your body, for example, those who experience, back, neck and shoulder pain caused by their breasts will find that having a reduction will reduce this strain.  Another reason that may be present is that large breasts may cause you to have poor posture; this is often resolved following surgery. Other women also find that due to having large oversized breasts sometimes they can develop a rash from excess sweat underneath the breast crease, this can often be uncomfortable and can lead to infection, this type of problem can be reduced if you go ahead with this surgery. One of the other difficulties women who have large breasts find is it’s often hard to participate in specific sports such as running, or joining a sports team due to the discomfort caused, if breast reduction surgery is undertaken then this problem may be eliminated, this can offer a better healthy lifestyle as regular exercise can be incorporated into your life.

Personal Reasons

Many women find that having large breasts often attracts unwanted attention a lot of the time, and can often cause self confidence issues.  You may also find that you have a limited range of fashion choices available to you, with regards to clothing and underwear. Many women are dissatisfied with the type of clothing and lingerie which they are able to wear. Many women find that large breasts cause them to feel a lack of confidence as they are unhappy with their bodies, and sometimes this is caused by the look of their breasts, with regards to shape, size, and the amount that they droop. Other women also find that one of their breasts is substantially larger than the other; breast reduction surgery can eliminate this problem as your breasts will be re-sculptured and shaped equally.  It has also been known that women who have lost a large amount of weight sometimes find that their breasts stay a similar size or they droop a large amount, this often causes women to feel that their body is out of proportion and can lead to personal complexes and low self esteem.

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