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Breast Reduction due to Sagging & Drooping Breasts

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Many women find that their breasts may sag or droop over time due to various reasons; one of the solutions to this problem can be undergoing breast reduction surgery. Many women consider surgery to eliminate this problem as it can often have a negative effect on their self confidence.

Reasons for breast sagging or droop

All women at some point in their lives will find that their breast drop and sag, there are however many causes for this. Some women may have lost excessive amounts of weight and find that their breasts change shape, other women may find that due to being pregnant their breasts grow and then reduce in size after giving birth, causing the skin to stretch, and other women find that this problem comes with age, as gravity takes its toll.  Some women also find that due to the sagging of their breasts their nipples may have dropped, causing them again to be unhappy with the look of their breasts. Women find that due to the shape and sagging of their breasts they become increasingly unhappy in their skin, and therefore will resort to surgery. It is found that after surgery many women claim that their lifestyle has improved greatly as they feel much more confident.

How does a breast reduction eliminate this problem?

During the procedure the surgeon will remove excess breast tissue and reshape your breast, this in itself will improve the shape and size of your breasts. The procedure remoulds the shape of your breast and will improve the look shape and size. The surgeon will also reposition your nipple during the procedure and this will improve the look and shape of the breast. The aim of the procedure is to restore the natural volume and shape of your breast, as well as restoring them to a more youthful and more elegant look. Overall you will of course find an improvement in the breast size and perkiness, which will influence positively your own body image.

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