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How to Pay for Breast Reduction Surgery

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It can often be quite daunting once you decide that surgery will improve your life, many women find it hard to afford the surgery, however most clinics are there to help you, and you have many financial choices available to you.

NHS coverage

If you can prove that the breast reduction surgery will benefit you clinically through either physical and medical improvement as well as improvement on your mental health you may qualify for surgery on the NHS. This means that of course your funding will be covered by the government as well as all of your aftercare and any revision surgery you may require. If you do qualify for surgery on the NHS you should also expect a wait before your surgery can go ahead.

Private health care

As you will be aware if you chose to go private, you will be responsible for paying for surgery, you will however have various financial assistance options available to you. Many clinics offer their surgery on a finance option, meaning that you can pay a monthly price, which can be as little as £99/month, and you should however consider how long you will be paying the installments. Other clinics will offer a period of no interest, for example if you can pay the whole cost of the procedure within 6 months you will have no interest to pay. Obviously to qualify for this option you will have to ensure that you pass a credit check, and that you are in full time employment. You may also have an option of a medical loan or bank loan available to you; these options also offer you various types of timings and payment options.

Paying for breast reduction abroad

For surgery abroad it is often required that full payment is made prior to your arrival in the country, usually 28 days before. You will also have the added cost, if it is not included within your package, of travel and accommodation; these will also need to be paid prior to arrival. You should consider all options available to you with regards to paying this, you may require a medical or bank loan to afford the cost, or you may have your own savings. You should attend a consultation with your bank if needs be to discuss your options for payment installments.

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