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If you are considering Breast reduction, there are many topics you may wish to consider which deem you suitable for surgery. You will especially need to consider them if you are looking at having your surgery completed on the NHS as you will need to meet specific requirements to have the cost of your surgery covered. If you are looking into going private, you will also need to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for surgery, and that you are considering surgery due to your own personal reasons.

Medical reasons for surgery

To be a suitable candidate for surgery, you may have any of the following medical issues:

  • If you suffer from back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain due to the size of your breasts.
  • If you suffer from skin conditions around the breasts due to excess sweating cause by your large breasts.
  • If you are unable to partake in specific exercise as your breasts cause you substantial and unwanted pain.
  • If the size of your breasts cause you to have poor posture.

Personal Reasons

It may be difficult for you to receive support financially from the NHS if you are undergoing this type of surgery for personal reasons which have no effect on your medical or mental health. If you are unhappy with your body and you require surgery to improve your body just for the reasoning that you want to look different, or you would rather wear different clothing that you can’t currently wear due to your large breasts, it may be difficult to be accepted for surgery within the UK as clinics often have specific standards to follow. You may well be considered however for breast reduction surgery abroad. You will however receive approval for surgery if your personal reasons are inflicting on your mental or physical health state. Many women find that large breasts can cause unwanted attention and /or harassment, which is often associated with humiliation and embarrassment. Other women often find that their large breasts can often lead to engaging in less social outings than other women who are much more confident in their bodies. You will need to prove that the fact that your breasts are larger than you wish causes you to act differently than you would normally, and that this affects your mental health.

But most importantly

You should ensure that the decision to go ahead with the surgery is YOUR OWN, you must not have had influence from anyone around you. It is really important that you weigh up all of your options and you ensure that having your breast size reduced will have a beneficial effect on your life. It is perfectly normal to ask for and take advice from the people around you, but you must ensure that your friends, husband, boyfriend or any person is not putting pressure on you to go ahead with this type of surgery. You must be happy and confident with you decision for you to in the future improve your confidence and health through this type of surgery.

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