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Mentoplasty, chin augmentation or chin implants like most cosmetic surgery is generally cheaper abroad, with oversee practises offering big discounts and package deals to tempt you away from the UK.  Often these will include travel, the cost of the surgery and consultations as well as accommodation for up to 10 days.  It has become more and more popular for people to go abroad for cosmetic surgery to take advantage of the cheaper costs.  Many different countries offer chin augmentation at a much lower price than is available in the UK.

Saving made by going abroad for a Chin Implant 

Some quotes for chin implant surgery have shown that it can be half the price in countries such as Belgium, and a third of the price in other countries, for example Cyprus.  By choosing to have the surgery abroad you could save anything up to 80% of the cost if compared to UK prices.  This does depend on where you go and how much of the process you are paying for.  There could be other extra costs on top of the initial price that you ought to be made aware of such as hotel fees, consultation charges or aftercare.  Often these deals are treated as a sort of holiday, and over the years this has created a big industry with companies offering cheaper and cheaper prices in order to compete with each other.  This is something you can take advantage of, and may make having the surgery abroad a cheaper alternative to surgery within the UK.

Considerations for Chin Implant Surgery Abroad 

Although getting the surgery abroad might seem like an attractive option you must remember to take your travel costs into consideration, as well as the length of time it may take before you feel fit to travel home.  The cheaper countries might be far away making travel more expensive and problems with jetlag an issue to think about.  As with surgeons within the UK you must check your surgeons’ credentials and ensure that they are fit to practise.  However, so long as you are prepared to seriously research it, having surgery abroad is a real alternative if the cost of chin augmentation within the UK is proving a problem for you.

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