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It is common that a chin lift will be used alongside other forms of surgery such as a face-lift or nose alteration surgeries.  When having any form of surgery on the face it is important to remember that enhancing or reducing one feature is likely to change the appearance of another.  As a result you might want to make alterations to your chin after another form of surgery, or at the same time.  These are known as combination treatments.  The most common surgeries that are used in conjunction with chin augmentation are cheek implants and corrective nose surgery.  Altering the appearance of the chin will have a direct impact upon the face, in particular the nose may appear smaller if the chin is made bigger.  Likewise a chin augmentation might be appropriate if you are having liposuction, as this will redefine the shape of the jaw-line and neck. 

It is important to consider the effects of surgery on the appearance of the face.  Features need to balance, and as a result of one type of facial treatment a different part of the face may appear altered.  This could require rectification, or if you have considered this before having the surgery it can be altered at the same time, thus cutting down on the recovery period.  Altering the nose can seriously impact the look of the chin.  A larger chin makes the nose look smaller, a smaller chin making it appear bigger.  Likewise your cheeks can also change how your nose and chin appear, making them seem larger or smaller.  If changing one feature it is a good idea to think about how it might need to be balanced by changing another.

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