Long Term Effects of Chin Implants

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Once mentoplasty has been performed the results should be lifelong, without the need for any further enhancing.  Movement of the implant is very rare, and hardly ever do they need any additional surgery or corrective treatments.  With external incisions the scar is hardly noticeable, often it is only visible once pointed out.  Once the swelling has reduced, which can take up to two months, the result should last a lifetime.   Nowadays most surgeons will use dissolvable stitches.  These don’t need to be taken out and leave less scarring as a result.  After three weeks it is likely that they will have gone, leaving your wound to continue healing without the need of any further medical attention.

Effects of Chin Implants on your life

Most chin implant surgery is completed without incident and those who have them are very satisfied with the results.  Most often the chin is altered to become more pronounced, so creating greater harmony of the face.  This can contribute greatly to the your self esteem and general happiness.  The majority of people who have this surgery believe that post surgery they are more attractive and that chin augmentation has definitely made a change for the better in their lives.  The main effect it will have is to increase your confidence, both physically and emotionally. 

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