Reasons for having Chin Implant Surgery

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Generally speaking most people undertake chin augmentation for cosmetic reasons, to balance out the appearance of the face or to correct a receding chin.  People with high cheekbones often look to balance this out with corrective surgery to the chin, to attain a certain amount of definition to the lower half of the face.  Some individuals are born with an underdeveloped chin whereas others may experience a receding chin in their later years.  In these cases a chin implant is the easiest way to make you feel happier and more confident about your appearance. Often those seeking nose or other facial surgery should also think about having some form of chin implant at the same time in order to gain greater advantages from their surgery.  It is possible that making adjustments to other facial features might make the chin seem smaller or less defined, as a result chin augmentation might be desired to achieve greater harmony between your facial features.

Advantages of Chin Implants

A smaller chin can emphasise the nose, making it seem larger than it actually is.

  • A small nose can equally make the chin look too big and thus it may be necessary to have some form of corrective surgery to rectify this. 
  • Having a receding chin can make the neck appear fleshier and bigger than if the chin were given more definition.
  • A defined chin helps to give the jaw-line better emphasis  

The implants need not be very dramatic, the changed appearance of a singular feature not too different from what it was before, but the transformation it can make to the overall appearance of the face can be vast.

Chin implants can also be used in facial reconstruction surgery, for people who may have been in a serious accident and have sustained substantial damage to their face.  In these cases chin augmentation can seriously affect the look of the face, helping to rectify any faults made by serious trauma.  This is likely to impact the behaviour of the individual, allowing them to live as close to the life they had before as possible.  Those who have had chin implants are generally more confident post-surgery; it can make such an impact on the life of the patient.  So, whether you were born with a weak chin, are experiencing a receding chin due to age related bone erosion or have a problem due to some form of trauma, a chin implant could be a good way to go in order to achieve a result you are happy with.

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