Suitability for a Chin Implant

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It is very important that you are fully developed and healthy before chin augmentation should take place.  There are serious implications of the surgery.  The earliest age this surgery can be conducted is fifteen, although this holds some risks in that the facial bones may not have completely developed fully.  Most candidates for this surgery are in their forties wanting to rectifying the aging process and fight the appearance of a receding chin. 

Ideal Candidate for a Chin Implant

Ideally you would be over the age of eighteen, a non-smoker with no previous health problems who has considered all aspects involved with the surgery.  Before the operation it is likely that the surgeon will give you advise about your diet and lifestyle, often asking that you refrain from smoking and eat a certain nutrient rich diet up to two weeks before the procedure.  This will ensure better healing time and makes the risks of surgery less.  You should have a reasonable understanding of the procedure, and also be realistic in your expectations of chin augmentation and the time scale that these will be delivered in.  It can take a while for the effects of the surgery to be totally apparent.  The swelling and bruising can take a while to ease, and as a result it may be over a month before you will able to totally comprehend the full impact of your chin implant. 

Chin Implants & Orthodontic Treatment

Another aspect that needs to be taken into account when considering chin augmentation is the alignment of the teeth along the jaw-line.  If your teeth are near enough to each other when you bite down, surgery of this type shouldn’t cause any problems.  However, if your teeth are very misaligned it might take up to two years to complete a Chin Implant, due to the amount of work that might need to be done simultaneously by a qualified dentist or orthodontist. 

All surgery of this kind needs serious consideration and it is important that you have undergone psychological assessments in order to ascertain the exact reasons for the surgery. It might be that the surgery is not the answer to help you gain confidence or self esteem, or that another procedure would suit your needs better.  This will be ensured by consultations with your surgeon, and if you do decide on chin augmentation then you must be confident that this is the best surgery for you.

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