Recovery from a Chin Implant

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What should I look out for during my recovery from a chin lift, are there any signs that something has gone wrong?

After the surgery it is important to rest and take it easy.  It is unlikely that there will be any complications but if you:

  • Are concerned about infection
  • Start to bleed from your wound
  • Suddenly become in a lot of pain
  • Find it hard to breathe
  • Have irregular heart beats or pains in the chest

Then it would be beneficial in all these instances to seek medical assistance. 

You will be given information about when you can resume certain activities such as smoking or taking homeopathic treatments.  The stitches used are dissolvable therefore there won’t be any need to have them removed thus ensuring a minimal of scarring.  If the incisions were made inside the mouth then scarring will not be noticeable, however, when the incision is made under the chin it is likely that a small scar will become a permanent feature although due to its location it is hardly ever seen. 

Swelling after a Chin Implant

Normally the facial swelling will go down within one or two weeks but the speed of recovery is variable and no two people are the same.  You can expect to be back at work within two weeks, and can start normal exercise and activity within a month.  Once the swelling has gone down then you may feel confident enough to be sociable and be happy in public areas, but this can take up to two weeks to achieve.  The final results of the chin implant can only be seen around two months after the surgery, once all swelling and bruising has dissipated.  Only then is it possible to truly judge the full effects of the procedure.

Final result of a Chin Implant

It is important to realise that chin augmentation surgery isn’t a simple quick fix.  You are likely to have to take it very easy for a while to ensure that your body repairs itself fully.  It also takes a lot of time to see the final result, and at first the appearance of the face might be quite worrying.  Within three months everything will have settled down and you can start to appreciate the full effects of the surgery.

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