Paying for Chin Implant Surgery

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Chin Implants require significant financial investment and there are a number of options available.

NHS Chin Implant

Chin Implants are not generally seen as worthy of NHS funding and the amount given to funding such procedures is low.  As a result all cases whereby people are looking to have their costs covered are assessed individually.  Chin implants are available on the NHS but only if the cosmetic surgery is deemed necessary for purely medical reasons.  An extreme example of this would be those with head trauma, those who have been disfigured through an illness or those who are suffering from severe depression and are subsequently finding it inhibits their social capacity.  For people who want the surgery simply based on unhappiness with their appearance or low self-esteem the NHS will not cover the cost of the implant and so you must fund your operation another way.  In order to be considered for any type of help from the NHS you need to have an appointment with your GP who will then apply for a consultation with both a plastic surgeon and a psychiatrist.  All parties need to agree that there is a valid medical reason for the surgery, as well as whether the impact upon your life will ultimately reduce the amount of medication and attention that you would otherwise require from the NHS. 

If the NHS doesn’t grant you full payment for your chin implant or you cannot meet the costs of the surgery independently or immediately then it is possible to obtain a loan.  Independent companies who specialise in providing for cosmetic surgery generally finance these types of loan.  Generally speaking any procedure over £1000 will be financed as long as you have good credit history and the means to eventually pay it back.  All loan applications are looked at on a case-by-case basis so it will depend upon your personal situation as to whether or not you would be granted one of these loans.  It is a big decision to make, and important to really look into all the costs that such surgery would bring up and the effect a loan of this type could have on your life.

Private Medical Insurance for Chin Implants

It is very unlikely that any such cosmetic procedures are covered by your medical insurance, being not totally necessary for your overall general health.  They will have similar requirements to the NHS in deciding funding and if you are refused by the NHS it is almost certain that your insurance will not contribute towards your surgery.  Chin augmentation is only likely to be covered by private medical insurance if it is for reconstructive purposes or it is necessary for your health.

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