After Chin Implants

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Most chin implant patients can leave the surgery on the same day they enter, it not being a lengthy procedure, and recovery time is quite short.  When leaving hospital it is important that you don’t drive and that you have loose fitting clothing that can be placed over the face with ease.  For between one and three days you will experience pain and tiredness due to the nature of the surgery.  For this reason it is strongly recommended that you take it easy and have someone around to help you out with everyday tasks.  Within a week the wound needs to be checked and you will have a follow up consultation to make sure that you are happy with your recovery.

A comfortable recovery after Chin Implants

If the incision was made within the mouth then you need to drink fluids through a straw and eat only soft foods until it becomes more comfortable.  You need to avoid spicy foods due to the irritation they can cause and it is advisable to use anti-bacterial mouthwash to aid the healing process.  It would be beneficial to ensure that you have help for the next few days so that you have nothing to worry about and can concentrate fully on your recovery. You ought not to go back to work for at least a week, although depending on the type of work you do it might take up to two weeks before you feel fit enough to return.

Full recovery after a Chin Implant

The healing process will depend upon you as an individual and no guarantees can be made about how long it will take for you to recover or how much pain you will be in after the surgery.  You must be prepared for this and have booked the relevant time off work as well as possibly having help with children or animals until you have recovered enough to resume your normal activities.  It can take up to two months for a total recovery and for all the swelling to have fully dissipated, although after two weeks most of the swelling out to have gone and you should be feeling fit enough to resume your normal lifestyle.

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