Risks & Side Effects of a Chin Implant

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The risks of chin implant surgery are slight and very similar to other types of cosmetic surgeries available.  The immediate effects of the surgery are unavoidable, chin augmentation surgery is not an instant fix.  It can take a long time for the swelling to properly dissipate and the bruising can last up to two weeks.  Although it is common that you will not have to stay in hospital overnight, it can be one or two weeks before you can return to work or continue your life as you did before the surgery.  Side effects and rejections of chin implants aren’t a common problem, the surgery is considered a safe procedure and although sometimes complications can arise there has been lengthy research into the best materials to use to avoid rejections or any discomfort.

Chin Implant Risks

  • As with all surgery there is a risk of infection, especially if the incision is performed inside the mouth.  In cases such as these antibiotics can usually clear them up, but sometimes emergency procedures need to be undertaken and the implant removed. 
  • Blood clots can form on the chin, resulting in a painful lump that needs to be removed.
  • The implant might move, needing corrective surgery to replace it to where it is meant to be. 
  • If the implant is not correctly placed then it will not produce a particularly good cosmetic result.
  • If the incision was made externally then the scar from the surgery will always be there, although with a good surgeon it will be small and almost unnoticeable.  This scarring itself can become a problem in very few cases, resulting in tightening over the implant and the need for anti-inflammatories 
  • There have been some reported cases of patients losing some feeling in their chin, although after three months this seems to ease and eventually full sense is recovered.
  • In the long term the implant, if misplaced, can cause erosion of the bone and damage to dental roots.

These risks are very rare, however, they do need to be discussed with your surgeon before the procedure takes place.  With a good surgeon any potential risks are seriously lessened and the implants are seen as a safe and reliable form of cosmetic surgery.   Chin lifts, like everything in life, does hold some amount of risk.  As long as you are aware of these risks and have researched into the clinic and surgeon you should be relatively safe.

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