Alternatives to Chin Implant Surgery

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Although chin implants are very popular there are various alternative methods that can achieve similar if not identical results.  These might not be as effective as a chin implant but equally they may not be as disruptive or intrusive.


These are injected under the skin to shape either the chin or cheek.  This is an unobtrusive and non-surgical procedure, however it doesn’t have such a long lasting effect. After only one or two years the area being treated might need more injections.

Submental Liposuction

This is an invasive re-sculpting of the fatty tissues within the chin or neckline to produce a more defined shape. By removing fat from the neck the chin can become more pronounced and the jaw-line is seriously altered.  Although this is an invasive treatment, it is also very quick and the recovery time is minimal.  However, it cannot add so much definition as an implant might, the chin merely revealed rather than being enlarged.


Treating the teeth as opposed to the chin to rectify any faults within the jaw that might be affecting the chin.  It can take a very long time before results can be seen, as the techniques used require time to move teeth.  In extreme circumstances this might take many years.

Although these alternative options do exist they do not have such a dramatic effect as augmentation and their effects aren’t long lasting, for example fillers need to be replaced within two years.  This could result in them becoming a more expensive option as you need more and more injections to maintain your preferred shape to your chin.  The time some treatments take is also worth taking into consideration.  It is worth talking through other options with you surgeon before deciding upon your preferred treatment, and it is important that mentoplasty is the best suited treatment for you.

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