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Unless you have acquired funding through the NHS it is easiest to talk directly to the clinic that you have chosen about your initial consultation.  A lot of surgeons and practises will offer you a free consultation before you commit to chin implant surgery.  The easiest way to book an appointment would be to call the practise you have chosen and ask for a consultation or to get in touch with them online through a website.  It is important that before you even get this far you have assessed the entire situation and know exactly why you want chin implants, the surgeon is likely to be quite tough on finding out and if you happen to be unsure they will be able to tell straight away.  You should only contact reputable surgeries and those surgeons with appropriate training and qualifications.  The purpose of the consultation will soon become apparent to you.  Being given a chance to introduce yourself to your surgeon and discuss all aspects of the surgery that you are unsure about is likely to make a real difference to whether or not you continue to surgery. 

Your initial mentoplasty consultation is seriously important.  It will enable you to gain some trust in your surgeon and also for your surgeon to assess your individual needs and the safety of the operation.  There will be a number of questions asked about:

  • Health and lifestyle.  Anything that could potentially endanger you while you are under the surgeons care such as smoking, your exercise regime or your diet.
  • Your individual expectations of the surgery.  What you want the end result to look like and whether this might be possible.  Quite often they will have some form of computer programme that will show you how the implants will look.
  • Your reasons for having the surgery.  It might be that this is too extreme a course of action to take in order to rectify a small self-esteem problem.
  • Any previous medical conditions.  It is imperative that the surgeon is made aware of any pre-existing problems that might cause risks throughout the operation including any previous surgery.
  •  Use of medications, vitamins, alcohol etc.  This will include any herbal or homeopathic medication.

Your surgeon might also take photos so that the impact of the surgery can be properly assessed and they will discuss all the risks involved with chin augmentation to make you completely aware of anything that could go wrong.  It is possible that alternative treatments might also be discussed with you so other options are brought to your attention.

The initial consultation is extremely important, and is just as much about you meeting the surgeon and being put at ease as it is about the surgeon meeting you and being satisfied that a Chin Implant is an appropriate step to take.

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