A Breast Feather Lift

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Some surgeons now offer the feather lift procedure for breast enhancement. The feather lift is much like that done on the face; barbed threads are inserted into the breast and the tissue under the skin is pulled upwards. In general, this procedure is not available in the UK however there are cosmetic surgery companies that transport UK patients to clinics in the Czech Republic (often in Prague) to undergo the breast feather lift.

Like in a facial feather lift, APTOS threads are inserted under the skin using a fine needle at a variety of angles best suited to obtain the optimum results. The threads are pulled and secured in place, lifting the breast and holding it there. The scarring is minimal due to the locations of thread insertion being so tiny and any scars that are present fade quickly over the months following the procedure. This is very different to a traditional breast lift, which involves cutting the skin and manipulating the breast tissue to create a more desirable, lifted appearance. This surgical procedure causes scarring around the breast, which some women find more unattractive than their pre-surgery breasts.

The results of the breast feather lift procedure are not permanent. This is due to the breasts naturally drooping as you age. This can be speeded up depending on the individual’s skin elasticity and breast size (larger breasts are heavier and will therefore droop quicker). Despite this, the procedure can be repeated to uplift the breasts once again as long as the sagging is not too major. To try and only supply the best results, it is recommended that women who undergo a breast feather lift have breasts that are small to medium and have mild to moderate sagging or slight asymmetry.

The procedure is relatively cheap compared to a traditional, surgical approach. It is normally carried out under general anaesthetic as opposed to the local anaesthetic used when a feather lift is done on the face in the UK. The procedure also requires you to stay in hospital for a few days to recover and be observed. During the stay in the hospital, you may experience significant pain as the threads are attached to the collarbone. To help cope with the pain, you will be administered strong painkillers.

Suitable candidates for a breast feather lift

A feather lift for the breasts is aimed primarily at women who have breasts that are drooping moderately. Like with a facial feather lift, if the drooping is too severe then a more traditional, surgical procedure may be more suited to get the desired results. The feather lift procedure can help give the breasts a more uplifted appearance as well as correcting asymmetry, which is a common issue for many women.

A feather lift procedure performed on the breasts may be ideal for many women. Those pursuing a career in the glamour modelling industry may benefit more from a feather lift as opposed to a traditional breast lift because visible scarring may hinder the success of their career. Alternatively, it will suit a woman who is not yet ready to go under the knife but is unhappy with her current breast appearance, as they do not sit as “perky” as she would like.

Cost of a breast feather lift

There are very limited places where you can undergo a breast feather lift. It is most noticeably offered by Europa International, who recruits patients and sends them out to Prague to undergo the procedure. The average cost of this process is around £3000 although this may vary depending on the individual, as different numbers of threads will be required. Although this may sound rather costly, it is cheaper than most traditional breast uplift surgeries and leaves minimal scarring, which can be seen as a major advantage.

This procedure is not currently available on the NHS. This means that it must be done privately and as it is still a novel procedure, you lack choice as to where it is performed. This can greatly increase costs, however to get an accurate idea it is worth researching clinics who perform breast feather lifts and requesting a consultation.

Potential risks of a breast feather lift

Every surgical procedure has associated risks and a feather lift for breasts is no different, however, these risks are significantly more minor than in more invasive surgical procedures. The most common side effects of a breast feather lift are infection, bleeding, and pain. Some women also report that during athletic sports and some exercise, they suffer from some muscle discomfort. Another possibility is that you are unhappy with the results of the procedure, however this is a risk attached to any cosmetic surgery.

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