Feather Lift Surgery Procedure

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Before any needles or threads are inserted, the skin must be cleaned. This is often done with a liquid called Betadine to lower the amount of bacteria that are on the face. This can decrease the chance of infection as a result of the operation. The skin is then dried to allow the surgeon to mark onto the skin the areas that are going to be lifted and exactly where the threads will be positioned. Normally, this marker is a single use pen to prevent contamination, although sometimes the face may be gently wiped again to ensure it is a clean as possible but the marks are still visible.

In the areas that have been marked for lifting, the surgeon will administer injections of a local anaesthetic. This anaesthetic is normally composed of Lidocaine, saline, sodium carbonate and epinephrine and is used to numb the areas concerned. The epinephrine is a substance that has two key functions that are vital in the procedure. Firstly, it limits the amount of blood that is lost and secondly, it ensures that not too much anaesthetic is absorbed into the body during the surgery – these effects are possible as the epinephrine narrows the blood vessels by a process called vasoconstriction.

The next step of the procedure is the insertion of a hollow needle along the plane of readjustment that has been marked out previously. The cog-covered thread is then put in place and is pulled to the point required and cut. The thread is now anchored under the skin and the same process can be carried out as much as required to achieve the desired outcome.

The areas where the thread has been inserted are then taped up to stop any movement in the couple of days after the operation. This is because some movements may prove too much for the cogs to bear and the thread can become dislodged and moves out of place, altering the result and sometimes causing facial asymmetry. 

You should, however, note that the technique described above might vary between surgeons. Therefore, it is important that during your consultation (which will occur prior to the surgery), you should ask the surgeon to describe and explain the exact procedure that they will carry out.

How long the feather lift procedure takes

Typically, a feather lift procedure takes around one to two hours to complete; the exact time required is very much dependent on how many threads are to be inserted and into which areas of your face. Usually, the procedure involves you being an outpatient so there are no long hospital stays and you can be in and out within the same day. This is because the surgery is normally performed under local anaesthetic, where you do not fall unconscious, however this is dependent on your surgeon and/or your medical history.

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