Cost of a Feather Lift

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As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, the cost of obtaining a feather lift varies depending on the location, surgeon and number of threads required in your individual procedure. At a private clinic in the UK, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of £600 to £1800 (this is highly dependent on the quantity of threads inserted and can be significantly more but rarely cheaper).

As stated above, the cost of feather lifts also varies depending on the location where your get the procedure. Many people go abroad to get cosmetic surgery performed cheaper, in this instance it has been suggested that the cheapest place to get a feather lift is in Slovakia where they charge around just £485. This is a massive difference to the most expensive pricing, which has been observed in Germany at around £3500. Lying in between these two countries is those who offer the procedure at a cost similar to that of the UK with the Czech Republic average cost being £815 followed by Poland at approximately £1320 as well as Switzerland who average at about £2250.

These cost of a feather lift can change drastically depending on numerous factors, therefore it is seen as rather important to look around for the best deal. Do not go to a surgeon just because they offer the cheapest option, however. Ensure that as well as a good price, you are getting quality treatment and care and that the surgeon is fully trained, registered and experienced in performing feather lifts.

Availability on the NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) has a number if guidelines that a procedure must adhere to in order for people to be able to get it funded by this healthcare body. Generally speaking, the NHS does not tend to pay for cosmetic procedures unless they are being carried out for reconstructive purposes. This is more applicable if your body has physically suffered due to an illness or injury and you need to have surgery to correct the damage because the NHS classifies this as “medically essential”.

As standard cosmetic surgery to improve or change a certain aspect of the body is voluntary (or elective) then it is often not classed as necessary and is therefore not funded. However, saying this, if you can prove to a healthcare professional (ideally your GP/doctor) that you genuinely require the surgery then they may refer you to a cosmetic surgeon. The reasons for someone feeling the need for surgery are often due to severe paranoia or self-consciousness, discomfort or pain (often a cause for breast reduction or labiaplasty) and/or a hatred for the area concerned. If the healthcare professional approached does not believe that your justification are means enough for NHS-funded surgery, then you will have to attend and pay for private surgery.

As a thread lift is classed as a relatively minor plastic surgery procedure that is mostly done to restore a youthful appearance, then it is unlikely that the NHS will consider funding it. However, if you really feel the need for the surgery and require funding then it may be worth visiting your GP on the off chance that they will refer you to a cosmetic surgeon. If they do not refer you, they may be able to offer advice about good local surgeons as well as telling you more about the procedure, such as any risks and benefits that you may be unaware of.

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