Does a Feather Lift Leave Scars?

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The idea behind undergoing cosmetic surgery is that you improve your appearance. Unsightly scars can counteract this result and make some individuals unhappier as they are difficult to hide. Scarring is common with many conventional cosmetic procedures including a traditional, invasive facelift as scalpels are used to cut the facial skin. With a feather lift, the scarring is minimal and often unnoticeable, which often adds to the appeal of this minimally invasive procedure.

A feather lift is performed with just a hollow needle and a number of fine threads. Because the needle is inserted fairly deep into the skin, it does leave a small round mark. With many feather lifts, this mark is in the hairline so is unnoticeable anyway. Regardless of where the resulting scarring may occur, it is important to know that often, these marks fade to be rather inconspicuous if not entirely invisible.

If you fall victim to an infection as a complication of the feather lift, it is most likely to occur around the points of insertion. This can cause the scar to get larger and less likely to fade.

Also, the colour of your skin is quite a determining factor in scar visibility. Darker skin is more associated with visible scarring after a feather lift procedure as the scar tissue is of a lighter pigmentation, although the scars will be small and sometimes hidden by hair. To avoid scars becoming more obvious, surgeons often advise patients to wear sun block on their faces to avoid the skin around the scars darkening as this will make them more prominent.

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