Feather Lift Surgery Suitability

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There are a number of circumstances that would make you an eligible candidate for undergoing feather lift surgery. Likewise, there are some aspects that can make a feather lift procedure seem a less recommended option, although there are few. By being a well-suited candidate for this facelift procedure, it will ensure that you will benefit from it and lower the number of possible risks and side effects that may occur. Your individual suitability can be analysed in detail by your surgeon to ensure that a feather lift is a good choice to give you the results you desire.

A suitable candidate

Someone seems most suited to undergoing a feather lift if they have some drooping and sagging of the soft facial tissue. If this is the case, a feather facelift can redefine facial features and give a tighter, more youthful appearance.

If you have mild to moderate facial tissue sagging and do not want to subject your body to the trauma of a traditional facelift, then a feather lift may be the ideal choice. This is because it is a minimally invasive procedure that can provide significant and noticeable results quickly and relatively painlessly.

To ensure that you are suited to the feather lift procedure than you should be realistic in terms of what to expect as an outcome of the surgery. It is relatively important that you are aware that there is only so much that a feather lift can do and you should consult your surgeon as to exactly what to expect from your post-procedure appearance.

Also, to undergo a feather lift you should be fit and healthy. It is vital that you explain to your surgeon any past medical conditions or operations before you go ahead with the procedure. This will give them more of an insight into your body and they can administer further advice, for example, if you had a medical condition that will affect the time it will take for you to heal from feather lift surgery. The overall good health of an individual is also important; as the feather lift does involved a level of invasiveness during thread insertion, the body must be fit enough to physically cope with the stress.

A less known aspect that can make you a suitable candidate for a feather lift procedure is if you skin suffers from skin damage. This is primarily as the damage can age the skin significantly and a feather lift is designed to provide patients with a more youthful, lifted appearance. Not only this, but also another less known about suitability factor is women who have facial hair but wish to get rid of it.

Generally speaking, the most ideal candidate for a feather lift procedure is aged between 35 and 60 and has mild to moderate facial sagging (as opposed to serious). The candidate should be realistic in their expectations and desire a more youthful appearance rather than a drastic facial reconstruction.

Unsuitable feather lift candidates

There are just a few points that make someone less suitable or likely to benefit from a feather lift procedure. Firstly, if you suffer from a lot of sagging of the facial tissue then you may not benefit from this procedure. Instead, if you wish for a more youthful appearance, it may be beneficial to undergo more invasive surgery such as a traditional facelift or brow lift.

Another argument that feather lift surgery may not be ideal is if your face lacks fat under the skin. This would make the procedure less effective as the threads would lack surfaces to grasp onto with their cogs and so the outcome of the procedure may be rather limited and possibly disappointing. Similarly, those who have thin and fragile skin (which can occur with aging) may also not be ideal candidates for a feather lift procedure.

Also, if you are currently considering loosing a significant amount of weight, it may be a good idea to wait until after you have reached your weight goal. This is because by losing facial fat through the weight loss, there may be more skin that can or should be tightened to give the desired appearance. If you undergo the procedure prior to losing the weight, the weight loss effects may counteract the feather lift results. This will mean you have wasted money for little effect.

It is not always a case of a candidate not being suitable for the procedure; it is also possible for the procedure to not be suited to the candidate. In the case of feather lifts, if you are looking for a dramatic transformation then this procedure is not going to benefit you very much. The idea of a feather lift is to gently lift and tighten skin for a more youthful-looking you rather than to change what ‘you’ look like completely.

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