Caring for your Skin After a Feather Lift

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To try and protect the small stitches that are put in place where the threads are inserted, you may have to wear some thin, skin-coloured plasters for about a week. These will also help control the appearance of the bruising. However, once these coverings have been removed, it is hard to disguise the swelling, scarring and bruising and it has been claimed that such visible markings can last up to 20 days after the feather lift procedure.

It is advised that patients should do the following in the time after the procedure:

  • Restrict the activities that may place unnecessary pressure on the face, such as the application of facial gels, ointments and/or other beauty products. This will help speed up the rate of recovery from the procedure.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight and sun beds for about three months after the feather lift has been performed. UV light from these can cause the skin to age more rapidly and should be forever protected against if you wish to maintain the most optimum youthful appearance as possible after the procedure.
  • Try and stop yourself from taking part in water activities such as swimming. This can put pressure on the face, which may slow down the progress of healing and recovery.
  • Avoid partaking in strenuous exercise that may cause you to sweat excessively. This could lead to the sweat entering the small areas where the threads have been inserted and subsequently may slow down healing.
  • Use the products recommended and/or supplied by your surgeon to care for your skin. You should apply them as often as advised for around one to two months.

By undertaking the above advice and following it as closely as possible, your face should recover relatively quickly and without problems. The advice may be added to or altered depending on your surgeon and you should always take their recommendations seriously and follow them strictly to help your face heal and to gain the absolute best results.

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