Side Effects of Feather Lifts

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There are a number of aspects that can contribute to what side effects you may experience as well as for how long they may affect you. Your age and extent of facial sagging prior to surgery are two key factors that can influence the length of time you experience side effects such as discomfort. Another influence that will determine the nature of any side effects is the areas of the face that were treated during your feather lift procedure.

The most common side effects include mild bruising as well as some swelling, but these tend to ease very quickly and most individuals who have undergone a feather lift are capable of returning to work and their normal lifestyle within a few days. More uncommon side effects include infection at the sites of thread insertion, asymmetry, tenderness and numbness. However, the chances of these side effects occurring can be minimalized if you have your feather lift performed by a professional, experienced surgeon.

Further side effects that are rarely suffered are shortness of breath and/or chest pains, serious infection, bleeding and suddenly experiencing more pain. If you do suffer from any of these side effects, you should note that they are considered serious and you should immediately get in contact with your surgeon. If they are unavailable you should visit a doctor or a hospital to prevent these problems from developing further.

The aspect of side effects highlights how important it is to select a good surgeon and to not just choose one based on a low price or ease of accessibility. You should question them about their training and experience in the feather lift procedure before committing yourself to that particular surgeon. The better the surgeon, the less chance of developing more serious side effects.

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