After Sculptra Injections

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After Sculptra injections your skin in the treated area will feel a little swollen and tender for a couple of days after the procedure, but this should settle after a couple of days and you should be able to return to your everyday routine after this period. It may appear that the treatment has had immediate effect, but this is in fact due to the injection of the water that the chemical is suspended within, and will be absorbed after a few days. Sculptra takes a little while to engage with your body’s natural processes, but noticeable difference can be expected to be seen after around six weeks. Manufacturers recommend massaging the skin gently in the area treated in order to ensure a smooth and well integrated treatment from a couple of days after being given the injection of Sculptra, and this also helps to stimulate collagen production. The benefit of this treatment is that after the recommended two to three course of treatment you could see results lasting for up to two years. Your consultant should schedule a follow-up consultation a couple of weeks after your treatment to thoroughly check the progress of the procedure and to ensure you received the best possible care and treatment.

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