Perlane Injections

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Perlane is a hyaluronic acid based gel, which works by mimicking a natural chemical found in most organic tissue. By adding the artificially harvested hyaluronic acid under your layer of skin the treatment works to help retain water and smoothes and tightens the treated area. As the chemical is produced naturally in your body and acts like your natural sugar acids, hyaluronic acid is eventually absorbed into the skin. It is produced by the Swedish based Q-Med AB, which also produces Restylane. They work in the same way, and the difference between the two bacterial proteins based acid products, is the consistency of the gel. Perlane has larger particles and is intended for more intense and deeper treatments than its sister product of Restylane. Treatment consists of a number of small injections just under the skin, using an ultra-fine needle. In most cases treatment is administered without an injection of anaesthetic, instead using a topical numbing gel or cream.

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