Cost of Perlane Injections

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The cost of Perlane treatment can vary according to the desired effect and whether repeat treatments are required, but generally start from around £180 per treatment in the UK. Most practitioners recommend at least two visits to ensure the best overall finished effect, and the treatment usually lasts around 6 months, after which you will need to undergo the procedure once more. For the average two injections, and two treatments a year you can expect to pay around £720, without including any consultation fees or after-care you might require. Prices in the USA start around $450 per syringe and can rise to $700. In far eastern or southern American countries the cost for a procedure of this kind can be as much as 50% less than you would pay in the USA or UK, and can be combined with a stay at hotel and flight for the same overall. It can be very tempting to consider this sort of cosmetic surgery tourism, because the prices are so attractive but it is important to remember there are many risks associated with this sort of travel and the clinics are not subject to the same sort of regulations as they are in the UK. If you do decide to take this options make sure you research the clinic carefully and make sure the price you agree to pay includes your treatment, stay, consultation and any after-care you may require.

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