Aphrodite Gold Permanent Filler

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Aphrodite Gold is a type of permanent filler using an injection of polymethylmetacrylate, or PMMA, in the form of micro-spheres, which are suspended in atelocollagen, which is a water-soluble collagen product. The solution is injected under the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and also fills out the skin using the permanent plastic micro-spheres. With any collagen based product it’s important for your consultant or aesthetic practitioner to carry out a series of skin tests, to ensure that you won’t suffer an allergic reaction to the collagen. Collagen is an animal-based product, usually derived from cows or pigs and the fats within the product can occasionally cause adverse effects. A good consultant will enquire into your medical history, including any allergies you may already be aware of in order to establish the most suitable treatment.

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