Side Effects of Aphrodite Gold Treatment

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For a couple of days after Aphrodite Gold treatment you can expect the treated area to be a little red, swollen and tender. These effects usually wear off within a couple of days, but if they persist you ought to consult your doctor or aesthetic practitioner. For two to three months after treatment the skin may feel a little firm as the collagen production is stimulated, but after this period your skin ought to soften and become smoother and supple once again. There is a possibility with permanent filler that over time, the aging process may affect the treated area in an adverse way, as the fixed area may not soften and move naturally with age. The advantage is that after the recommended two initial treatments the effects ought to last at least 10 years, and will continue to have effect permanently making repeat visits unnecessary. As with all injections or intrusions the process does carry the potential risk of infection, although the chance of this is relatively low your consultant should thoroughly explain all possible out comes with you as well as discussing your previous medical history. Any allergies you may have previously experience should be discussed, and with collagen products, skin test ought to be undertaken before you or the consultant commits to course of treatment.

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