Cost of Restylane Injections

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Restylane treatment typically costs around £200 in the UK, with this cost rising to around £400 depending on the extent or type of the treatment desired. The manufacturers do recommend a repeat treatment to ensure the best possible results. This means that over the course of a year, with effects from each run of treatment costing around £500 for the two recommended treatments, you can expect to pay around £1000 – and this does not include the cost of any consultation fee or post treatment care. The cost per syringe in the USA varies from around $275 to $800, and far eastern or southern American countries may offer treatment for around 50% less than is available in the UK or USA. It is important to remember when considering going abroad for a surgical treatment, that there are many risks associated with this sort of holiday and the clinics are not subject to the same stringent checks as in the UK. It is important to thoroughly research the clinic and the procedure, before signing up to undertake any treatment, and also to check that the price you are paying includes the stay, after-treatment and consultations.

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