Side Effects of Sculptra Injections

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Potential side-effects with Sculptra include: redness; itching; pain or tenderness; bruising; and swelling in the treated area. These mild side-effects usually last between 2 and 6 days after the treatment is administered. One possible side-effect which may not become immediately obvious with this product is the appearance of small lumps under the skin. These may not be visible to the eye, but you may be able to feel them under the skin if you press the treated area. These may resolve themselves, and disappear after a little time. These lumps have also been associated with a little bruising or discolouration in the affected area. If these symptoms persist you ought to visit your doctor or contact yours aesthetics practitioner. A good consultant will go through your medical history carefully with you, including any allergies you may be aware of. Some products may require a skin test, especially if you are prone to allergic reactions, and this ought to be undertaken to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for you.

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