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The Diode Laser Hair Removal machines are relatively new. The Diode laser hair removal system is different to other laser systems in the way the laser is generated. Diode laser hair removal systems are made up of diodes or semiconductors. These are then put together to form the light source of the laser. The diode lasers in this system operate at 800-810nm wavelengths. The laser wavelength can be changed to suit your needs. This change can be made by changing some parameters, e.g. the current applied to the diodes. The Diode laser hair removal system can be effectively used on darker skin types. Thick, coarse hair is best treated with this laser. This treatment is often popular with men, as it is effective on back and chest hair, which some men hate and feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about. There are indications that the short term results for treatment with Diode laser hair removal systems are good, but long term data has not really been collected yet as this system is relatively new.   

What are the Advantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal?

  • The longer laser wavelength allows safer and deeper skin penetration
  • Large areas of skin can be treated
  • Fast recovery
  • The laser wavelength can be tuned and is not just set at a particular wavelength
  • This system can be used on dark skin types
  • Reduced risk of epidermis damage

What are the Disadvantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal?

  • Severe side effects may include burns and skin discolouration.
  • The lasers have been linked to urticaria
  • Little research available on long term results

Diode Laser Hair Removal Systems

  • Apex 800
  • Epistar
  • F1 Diode
  • Laserlite
  • Light Sheer
  • MeDioStar
  • SLP 100

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