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The Ruby laser hair removal system (Epilaser) was the first cosmetic laser hair removal system to be developed. The wavelength of this laser is 694nm, which is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the skin and body hair. The laser causes the hair follicles to become damaged, and as it targets the hair follicles, there is minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and structures in the skin. The Ruby laser hair removal system has an actively cooled sapphire handpiece (which is exclusive to this system). This cooling system conducts heat away from your skin before, during and after each pulse of the laser. This works by compressing the skin and the handpiece, focusing the energy from the laser on the hair follicle, which helps to prevent skin damage. There is a set 2-second space between each laser pulse. The purpose of this is to take the heat away from the skin and not be projecting the laser constantly onto the skin. This also reduces the pain because the faster the laser pulse is, the more pain you can feel. Significant long term hair free results and a reduction in hair regrowth after treatment have been reported with the Ruby laser hair removal system. This system is best suited for those with light skin. 

What are the Advantages of Ruby Laser Hair Removal?

  • Long term hair free results are seen after your course of treatment is over
  • Any hair regrowth is thinner, finer and more patchy than previous growth
  • The built in cooling system to continuously cool the skin
  • Less pain when compared with other laser hair removal systems

What are the Disadvantages of Ruby Laser Hair Removal?

  • Can only be used on small areas of skin
  • Cannot be used on those with dark or tanned skin
  • Cannot be used on those with light, white or grey hair
  • The slow laser repetition rate means longer treatment times
  • Side effects including swelling, burns and scars
  • Newer systems are available & this machine has been somewhat outdated

Types of Ruby Laser Removal Systems

  • RubyStar
  • EpiPulse Ruby
  • Palomar E2000

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