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Cosmetic Surgery on the Face

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Face lift or Rhytidectomy

This procedure is very well known and commonly available. It involves the enhancement of the appearance of the face by a series of small incisions, usually along the hair line. The excess skin is then removed and the rest of the skin on the face is pulled taught and sutured into place, creating a smoother and more toned facial appearance. This is usually done to tackle the wrinkles and sagging associated with aging, and can be very effective. The appearance of scarring is minimal, when done well, as it can be hid beneath the hair line.

This procedure is popular with both men and women, and unlike other cosmetic procedures for age (such as dermal fillers) it is much more in-depth and lasting treatment. In addition, unlike a Botox treatment or similar, does not incapacitate the facial muscles, and should leave you with quite a natural final result. There are a couple of mini-lifts that are becoming more common, such as a lift just affecting the brow or cheeks, which can tackle the most age-affected areas specifically.

The procedure is an extremely difficult one for the surgeon, as the many delicate nerves and veins within the face need to be protected and preserved throughout treatment, or you run the risk of you run the risk of partial facial paralysis and nerve damage. It is extremely important that you fully research the clinic and that you ensure you have a specialist surgeon operating on you for this procedure.

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty

Is any procedure which involves the enhancement of the eye lid area, usually involving some alteration of shape or orientation or the adding of permanent eyeliner, with a form of surgical tattooing. These procedures are purely aesthetic in nature, and while they are sometimes done to tackle signs of aging they are also performed to create eyes considered more conventionally attractive. There is a risk when operating on this area of damaging the optic never or the muscles which control the eye. As this area is particularly delicate it is important to ensure you have engaged a specialist oculoplastic surgeon or one with lots of experience of operating around the eye. Any operation on your eye is done while you are under general anaesthetic and when you are recovering from this you can expect to feel groggy and disorientated for a little while. It is common to experience redness and swelling after surgery and after surgery on your eyes you ought to avoid straining them with strenuous activities such as driving, which could also put you at risk if your vision is impaired.

Nose job or Rhinoplasty

This is another procedure which most of us will be aware of as a cosmetic procedure. This procedure aims to create a more conventionally attractive nose or enhance or correct a nose which has become damaged (for example through a break). The procedure usually involves the removal of a small portion of bone or cartilage. Sometimes skin or fat is also removed or reshaped, and fillers are sometimes added to alter the final shape. Scarring can be minimal; if the surgery is performed very skilfully most of the work can be done through the nostrils leaving no outwardly visible signs of correction. It is performed under general anaesthetic and leaves you with quite severe facial bruising and soreness for a few weeks after surgery, but the recovery time should be quick and the procedure shouldn’t affect your everyday routine in any other way.

Lip surgery or lip enhancement

This refers to any procedure done to enhance the appearance of the lips – this could be reshaping or reducing or increasing the size of the lips. This term also refers to the injection of dermal filler to increase the volume or shape of the lips, using a hyaluronic acid or collagen filler to create fuller and more luscious lips. An operation on this area is usually performed under general anaesthetic, but injections of dermal filler can be done under local anaesthetic and results can be immediate. A little redness or swelling post-treatment is common and recovery from surgery around this area can be a little uncomfortable and inconvenient, but results can be very beneficial if this is an area you view as a problem on for you – much can be done to alter and enhance your lips.

Ear surgery Otoplasty

This refers to any procedure conducted to reshape or enhance the appearance of the ears. The most common procedure by far is ‘ear pinning’ which re-orientates the ear to lie closer to the skull. This can be quite a simple and effective procedure, and offers real relief to those who suffer from prominent ears or who have ‘cauliflower ears’ due to sports injuries. While the procedure is actually purely aesthetic, social anxiety surrounds this procedure with the idea that if not done hearing can be impaired. This is unfounded. Other operations can also be performed to reduce the size of the ear, or to reconstruct ears after accidents but it is best to contact a consultant with your concerns and they will be able to discuss the options available to you.

Chin implants or chin augmentation

This an operation done to enhance the face by inserting a small silicone implant into the chin area to increase the size or improve the appearance of the chin. This is often done to ‘balance’ the contours of the face or to tackle weak chins. An alternative to an operation and implant is the use of dermal filler which can be injected to improve the contours of this area without the need for invasive surgery. The injection of dermal filler is done with an ultra-fine needle and can generally be performed under a local anaesthetic, rather than the general anaesthetic, that an operation requires. Redness and swelling can be expected with both procedures. Dermal filler is a temporary solution, however, which lasts around twelve months and an implant represents a permanent solution to this aesthetic problem.  You can discuss all the options available to you with your consultant, and they will help you to find the type of procedure best suited for you.

Cheek implants or cheek augmentation

This is generally performed to combat the sunken cheeks caused by extreme weight loss or age. It involves inserting a small silicone implant under the dermal layer to increase the volume and shape of the area. Many women find they have to make a difficult choice between a slim figure and a full face as they get older, and cheek augmentation can offer a real alternative. An alternative can be an injection of dermal filler, which can enhance the contours of the face for around twelve months. Dermal fillers use either an animal fat based product, such as collagen, or a hyaluronic acid treatment to increase the volume and plumpness of an area, and it can also smooth and tighten the skin. It is best to discuss all of the possible options open to you with your cosmetic surgeon before agreeing to undergo a particular procedure.

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