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Cosmetic Surgeons in The Far East

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Some countries in the Far East are particularly well known for courting Western ‘surgery tourists’, such as Singapore and Thailand. In general the qualifications of these surgeons are quite high with a similar amount of time spent training and all good clinics and surgeons will be registered with their countries Medical Board or equivalent accreditation organisation. Often a surgery can be purchased as part of a package deal including a beach holiday, an this makes this an extremely attractive prospect if you are considering surgery. Often you can fly out, spend a couple of weeks relaxing in a hotel and then undertake surgery for roughly the same cost as just the procedure in the United Kingdom.

Where to start your research

It is extremely important to research both your clinic and surgeon thoroughly, however, to make sure that you don’t receive inferior treatment because you are paying less. The General Medical Council in the United Kingdom is a great place to start your research into overseas cosmetic surgeons and they ought to be able to put you in touch with the best surgeries and the medical councils or equivalent authorities in the country you are interested in. It is extremely important to ask lots of questions regarding any after-care you might need, and whether this and any hospital stay you might require are included in the price.

Questions to ask

You might also consider enquiring into infection rates, previous customer satisfaction and emergency provisions. Be aware that there are certain times of year when it is particularly expensive to fly to the Far East, and that there are seasons of extreme weather such as monsoons, in which you will find that the beach holiday you imagined might not live up to expectations. Try to get your surgeon to draw you a diagram detailing the incisions and mechanics involved in your procedure.

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