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Cosmetic surgery is perhaps at its most popular and advanced in the United States, where millions of Americans receive cosmetic surgery every year. While unlikely to be significantly cheaper than the United Kingdom, the expertise and sheer volume of choice in the United States might make travelling here for surgery more attractive. There are, however, many surgeries with unscrupulous reputations for performing risky or dubious cosmetic operations and so it is very important to research your surgeon very carefully.

Where to start your research

The best place to start your research into an overseas clinic is the General Medical Council in the UK, who ought to be able to direct you to surgeries with a good reputation abroad and give you details on qualifications and accreditation in the country you are considering. Sometimes you can access a package deal which will include a holiday as well as surgery, and this can make the pricing very competitive. A good surgeon and clinic will register with the national board for aesthetic surgeons in their country and they might also be members of the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons or The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Questions to ask

You might also want to find out the customer satisfaction records, mortality and infection rates, and how long the practice has been operating. It is also very helpful to read any patient testimonials to find out if the level of care is what you expect and what from your surgeon and clinic. Be careful to establish that the price includes all after care and any time you might need to recuperate in hospital, as well as what emergency provisions they have in case you have an adverse reaction. Get your surgeon to sketch a diagram of exactly what the procedure entails, with details on the incisions and mechanisms of the surgery.

United States

American Society Of Plastic Surgeons
444 E. Algonquin Road,
Arlington Heights,
60005 IL
Tel: 1-800-635-063

The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc

Seven Penn Centre, Suite 400
1635 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA
Tel: 1-9103-2204


The Canadian Society Of Plastic Surgeons
30 St Joseph Boulevard E,
H2T 1G9
Tel: 514-843-5415

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