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Questions to ask your Cosmetic Surgeon

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You should feel confident in your surgeon, and feel comfortable asking them any questions you might have regarding the procedure. As a general rule you ought to ask about:

  • The surgeon’s qualifications and experience
  • If the consultant you speak with will be the surgeon operating on you
  • The clinic’s records on customer satisfaction and infection and mortality records
  • The clinic’s policy on after-care and adjustment surgery (if you require extra surgery to rectify any problems that may occur)
  • Whether the surgeon and clinic are registered with any medical governing bodies
  • Exactly what your surgery entails: how long it will take; potential risks; rates of satisfaction afterwards
  • Whether you are the right age, body shape and mental condition to be receiving the recommended procedure

It can also be very useful to have your surgeon draw you a diagram of the proposed surgery. Try to get them to include any incisions and all of the mechanics of the clinical procedure. This picture can give you a good indication of what you are letting yourself into and also give you an insight into the surgeon’s knowledge and respect for your body’s needs.

Be confident and ask questions – a good surgeon will be happy to answer any question you may have, and it will help you make a truly informed decision.

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