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The cosmetic surgery industry in Britain, and for the most part in most other countries, is pretty well regulated by the usual medical authorities such as the General Medical Council. To be a practicing surgeon you should be fully qualified, with the usual training period lasting around six years, and you should be registered with the General Medical Council. You must also pay a large amount of insurance against medical malpractice and incidents, which will hopefully mean that bad surgeons are unable to practice due to very high insurance costs. Unfortunately for the majority of law-abiding and skilful surgeons there are a few unscrupulous professionals operating without this accreditation or sometimes without adequate training and qualification.

It is extremely important for your sense of well being to feel completely comfortable and confident in your aesthetic or plastic surgeon. Undergoing a surgical procedure can be a stressful and unnerving and the security of knowing your surgeon is competent and fully qualified. You should research your surgery carefully, and it is advised you choose a local surgery – this reduces the stress of travel post-surgery, and also you are likely to be aware of the reputation of the clinic within the local community. You should discuss with your surgery their qualifications and experience before you agree to undergo any procedure with them.

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