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Training and accreditation of cosmetic or plastic surgeons is roughly the same across Europe, and so is very similar to the system in the UK. After roughly six years training to become qualified surgeons they will proceed to specialize is cosmetic procedures. All good clinics and surgeons will register with their national general medical council or equivalent authority. Some Eastern European clinics can be very competitive in price and other countries can offer very high levels of expertise.

Where to start your research

The best place to begin researching overseas surgeries is the General Medical Council (GMC) in Britain. They will have lots of information regarding the best clinics and some European surgeons may even be registered with them, so that the surgeon can operate a practice in the UK and on the Continent. There is also the Medical Doctor Chambers in Europe as well as the national general medical council for the country you are interested in having your surgery in. All good clinics and surgeons should be registered with an authority of this sort to ensure high standards of care; clinical excellence; and hygiene practice are regulated and maintained.

Questions to ask

As well as enquiring into the membership of the relevant authorities, as well as the qualifications of your surgeon you might want to enquire how long they have been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon. If the clinic has records of patient satisfaction or customer testimonials, this can be helpful in establishing whether this is the practice for you. You ought to enquire into mortality and infection rates as well as the level of after-care you can expect to receive and what the surgery’s emergency provisions are. You should also establish what level of after-care and emergency provision is provided in the price you have agreed to pay, as well as the cost of any hospital stay you might require. A diagram drawn by your surgeon can be invaluable in understanding the extent of the mechanics of the surgery and the incisions required, as well as giving you a good insight into your surgeon’s awareness of your needs and the procedures involved.

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