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Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

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There are many risks involved with any type of surgery, most especially surgical procedures which involve being put under general anaesthetic. General risks include:

  • Infection (of incisions or blood infection)
  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Adverse allergic reaction to one of the drugs
  • Negative reaction to the anaesthetics
  • Hospital related diseases or infections
  • Build up of blood under the skin, caused by internal bleeding
  • Nerve or muscle damage, leading to potential paralysis
  • Scarring

Specific cosmetic surgery risks

Some risks are specific to cosmetic surgery. The very nature of the procedure, which is purely aesthetic, can put extra pressure on your mind and self-esteem. Increasingly doctors are concerned about patients who become addicted to plastic or cosmetic surgery or those who are suffering from body dimorphic syndrome who are accessing treatment. Your cosmetic surgeon ought to assess if you are mentally disposed to receiving treatment, or whether you ought to combine aesthetic readjustment with counselling or a healthier lifestyle to enhance the final results for you. If you are concerned that negative body image might have drawn you to surgery it is best to consult both your general practioner and your cosmetic surgery to ensure that your experience is as positive and healthy as possible, and that you get the right sort of treatment for you.

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