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Operations on Male & Female Sexual Organs

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One type of surgery which is gaining increasing publicity is the operation on the genitalia or sexual organs. While this is a high risk procedure, it can provide a great deal of comfort and increased confidence to those who undergo these procedures. As well as being used in the sexual reassignment surgeries, which related to operations to take someone from one gender to another, operations of this sort can also alter the length or shape of the genitalia.


This involves any operation which concerns altering the shape of your penis. This could affect the length, shape (for example if extreme curvature of the penis occurs), or width of the penis. This can be done for purely aesthetic reasons but is also an option for men who have found intercourse difficult due to misshapen or damaged phallic areas. This type of surgery could be available to you on the NHS, and it is worth approaching your general practioner or the well man clinic, to check whether any concerns you may have regarding your genitalia can be tacked in the manner.


This refers to any operation to alter the shape of the women’s labia. This can be done to reshape and reduced the size of the labia, sometimes this is altered due to weight gain or loss; childbirth; or age. Sometimes a small injection of dermal filler is used to tighten this area, and occasionally a surgeon will perform the insertion of an artificial hymen (this sometimes known as achieving an artificial virginity). While some techniques, such as the artificial hymen, have only aesthetic purposes (and are often not recommended by regulatory health boards) some cosmetic procedures on this part of the body are conducted due to problems such as tearing during birth or to enhance sexual enjoyment. If you are concerned about this area, you ought to consult your general practioner or well woman or family planning clinic, to check that your condition isn’t something to be seriously concerned about, and they may be able to refer you to a specialist cosmetic or aesthetic surgeon who could work with you to achieve the end effect you desire.

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