Aftercare Following Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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"Nose Job" Aftercare

Taking care of yourself after your nose reshaping surgery is important in having a successful and healthy recovery. Over the next two to three weeks during the recovery period make sure to listen to your body, eat and sleep when you feel you need to an be certain you get plenty of rest. Keep your head slightly elevated at all times, whether washing or showering, to sleeping. Sleeping propped up at a 45 degree angle provides the best conditions for your nose whilst you rest. Avoid strenuous activities as any form of exercise in the first two weeks will exhaust you and be detrimental to the healing process.

It is best to avoid washing yourself straight after your surgery, although it is likely you will be wanting to feel clean and refreshed. Wait until a day after your rhinoplasty to have your first shower. Because your face will still be very delicate, be careful as you wash. Have a cool shower and very gently wash the whole of the face with soap and water. Wash your hair gently as well, making sure to apply plenty of shampoo and conditioner to make it easy to clean. Do not scrub or exfoliate the face as this will be both very painful and could damage the haling. Don’t worry about trying to clean off all the dried blood with your first wash, as it is safer to wait until the nose is better healed and remove it gradually.

Precautions to Take Whilst You Heal

Taking certain precautions during the recovery time will help you heal better. Avoid sunbathing for at least six weeks and apply sun cream around and on your nose if you know you will be in the sun for extended periods of time. Sunbathing a newly reshaped nose can result in skin pigmentation which can sometimes be permanent, so it is best to avoid the sun altogether for at least the first few days after surgery. Do not smoke for at least two weeks after the rhinoplasty operation and ideally try to give up completely if you can. Smoking in particular, due to the inhalation, can cause serious problems with your nose and could result in infection or permanent damage. Avoid using any products containing aspirin for about a week as these can thin the blood which may encourage a longer period of bleeding. Do not apply any creams or ointments to your face for the first two weeks, including products such as moisturiser, unless the surgeon has recommended them.

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