Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job") for Men

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"Nose Job" for Men

A "Nose Job" isn’t a gender specific procedure and there are many men who wish to experience the benefits of having a new nose. The number of men opting to have nose reshaping surgery is mounting every year and is becoming an ever increasingly popular choice of procedure. The firm features of a masculine face often require a different approach and vision to nose reshaping surgery than with female procedures. Unlike women, who usually want their noses to appear smaller, men are more often interested in the shaped and definition of their nose as well as maintaining the characteristic features which make your nose personal and unique to you.

Reasons for Male Rhinoplasty

Although this is generalising greatly, it can be argued that men on the whole tend to live more active lifestyles than most women. Since it is one of the most prominent features of the face, the nose is more exposed to accidents and injury during everyday activities. As children it’s not uncommon for boys to fall and injure themselves which could lead to problems with nose function, as they grow older if the nose became damaged during childhood. A particularly active sportsman, especially those participating in high risk sports or boxing, can also damage the nose both functionally and aesthetically. For this reason many men choose to undergo septorhinoplasty, a procedure which improves both the look and the performance of the nose. Rhinoplasty is a solution to any nasal defects or problems incurred over the course of the male lifetime.

Suitability for Male Nose Reshaping

You are a good candidate for male rhinoplasty if you feel you would like to retain the characteristic feel of your nose but improve the contours. Similarly if you feel your nose could use a reduction in width but not in length then this is another good indicator that the surgery is for you. You may still wish to ‘harmonise’ your nose, as is the main goal of rhinoplasty, but keep a distinguished profile. A "Nose Job" will improve the symmetry and shape of your nose to your desired requirements whilst still maintaining its distinctive and individual feel.

Risks with Rhinoplasty for Men

The risks associated with male nose reshaping surgery are just the same as with female surgery. The one differentiating factor is that men often have stronger or tougher bones than females, which means that if bone filing is necessary in achieving the desired nose shape, there may be an increased chance of nasal trauma during the recovery period. Swelling as well may be more intense during the first few days of recovery after the procedure and bleeding is likely to last longer than in female patients. This said, the period of recovery is equal and you will be able to return to even the most active lifestyle within 2 to 3 weeks of healing.

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