Cost of Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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The cost of a "Nose Job" can vary greatly depending on where and with whom you choose to undergo the surgery. In the UK prices can range from around £2,000 to £6,000, most costing between £3,000 to £4,000. Cosmetic surgery is rarely available on the NHS and you will have to find a private practice to perform the operation. This also means that the surgery is often financed personally or sometimes through medical insurance.

The other possibility is looking into having nose reshaping surgery abroad. Prices in some countries can start at £1200 – but you will also need to bear in mind the travel and accommodation costs during your stay. Some people also prefer to spend their recovery time in the sun which is another appealing aspect of having a rhinoplasty abroad.

What You Get For Your Money

Generally the cost of rhinoplasty should cover all aspects of the treatment including: hospital charges, the surgical and anaesthetist’s fees and any follow up consultations necessary as well as a degree of aftercare. It is important to find out what is covered by the price you have been quoted as extra surgery fees can quickly add up and you need to keep informed on exactly what it is you’re paying for. However it is important to make sure that cost isn't the only consideration taken into account when choosing where to have rhinoplasty surgery. With a "Nose Job" it is better to have an experienced surgeon, which might cost more, than just an average surgeon as the surgery is highly demanding and requires a mixture of precision and artistic skill. The more skilled the surgeon, the greater the chance of a successful, desired outcome. It is always better to aim to achieve the desired results after one surgical procedure so that repeat operations are not necessary and a skilled surgeon will help ensure this is the case.

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