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Finding the Right Surgeon for You

It is vitally important to make sure you find the right plastic surgeon for your Rhinoplasty. To best ensure your happiness and satisfaction at the end of your nose reshaping surgery you need a surgeon who is the best at what they can do and one who you trust. Remember that you are placing the success of your rhinoplasty operation in their hands so make sure you find a surgeon you personally are happy with.

What Makes a Good "Nose Job" Surgeon

In order to achieve the best outcome possible from your "Nose Job" and end up with the results you desired you will need a highly qualified surgeon. An ideal surgeon will have had a lot of experience performing the rhinoplasty procedure and should make you feel confident about their capability. Ask if they have a portfolio of some of their previous surgeries to give you an idea of the kind of work they can do as this can be a strong indication of their level of skill. Remember that rhinopalsty is a complicated operation which requires a degree of artistic skill and vision as well. Not only should the surgeon be an experienced doctor medically, but they need to be able to successfully visualise the finished nose as they operate to ensure the desired outcome. The surgeon should also be professional and be able to advise you thoroughly about the nose reshaping surgery as well as offer a detailed explanation of the procedure. However most critical of all is that the surgeon has your well being as their best interest. Having a surgeon that doesn’t care about your health and comfort isn’t a surgeon worth having, no matter how qualified or experienced.

How to Find a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

There are two ways to find a rhinoplasty surgeon: with the help of the NHS, or through your own research. Make an appointment with your GP about your "Nose Job" to see if you qualify to receive your surgery on the NHS. Normally this is only possible if the rhinoplasty is deemed ‘medically essential’ and offering the surgery is very low on the list of NHS priorities. However in some circumstances it is possible to be granted a free rhinoplasty. If this is the case then your GP will give you a letter of referral so you are able to pursue the treatment and will refer you to a good NHS surgeon. With this route, once the initial appeal has been successful, finding a rhinoplasty surgeon is fairly straightforward as most of the leg work is done for you.

However if you are not eligible for NHS treatment or if you wish to pursue private practice then you will have to find a plastic surgeon for yourself. This will involve researching thoroughly and making careful decisions about who you choose. A good place to begin initial research is using the Internet, finding practices registered online and see what they offer. More thorough resources may take a little more work to find, but try to find and ask previous patients who have undergone this surgery who they used and who they recommend. Local support groups may have former patients who can offer advice on who they used and inform you of their personal experiences. There are also professional organisations which can suggest good surgeons and guide you in your decision. In particular ‘The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons’ (BACS), ‘The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ (BAAPS) and ‘The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons’ (BAPRAS) are three good places to receive reliable and useful information about qualified and trustworthy surgeons. ‘The General Medical Council’ (GMC) is also a good pace to find out the standard requirements of high-quality practices and dependable surgeons.

It is worth making a shortlist of surgeons who you can visit in turn to find who best suits you. Have a list of questions ready to help you decide which surgeon you think is right to perform your "Nose Job".

What to Avoid in a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Whilst most "Nose Job" surgeons are qualified and reliable there are unfortunately some who are not. Poorly qualified and unsuitable surgeons can be avoided as long as you are aware of what to watch out for. Firstly be aware of surgery providers who bombard you with ‘special deals’ or are insistent with their market offers. If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Also avoid surgeons who try to pressurise you into the surgery as choosing to undergo rhinoplasty should be entirely your decision. If a surgeon is persistent that you should have the operation using them then they are likely to only be thinking of their gain and not your well-being.

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