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After considering rhinoplasty ("Nose Job"), the next thing to do is make an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon to talk about the surgery. The doctor will be able to discuss with you your suitability as a patient as well as offer a good idea of what the surgery involves. You can also ask the surgeon for examples of what look you can expect to achieve after the surgery. During these consultations the doctor is likely to take photographs of your face, focusing on the nose, to allow the surgical team a clear idea of what to address when they decide the fine details of the operation. The different techniques used in rhinoplasty surgery as well as the anaesthesia options available will also be explained and discussed in these sessions as well.

It is a good idea to make a list of questions to take with you to these consultations so that you are sure you’ve asked the surgeon everything you wanted to know and leave with all the information you require. The list should span a variety of things, such as any lifestyle changes, information on the procedure itself, and the course of the recovery period. Alongside this it is also important that you leave the consultation fully aware of the both the limitations as well the possibilities of the operation so that your expectations are realistic.

There may also be some personal considerations which need to be taken into account before the doctor determines if you are a viable candidate for rhinoplasty. Make sure you inform the doctor of any pre-existing medical conditions well before the operation is due to take place. Sometimes age is taken into account but generally the doctor will focus more on your overall individual health when making an evaluation. However a lot of surgeons will decline operating on someone under the age of 16 as they are likely to be still experiencing growth spurts which makes nose reshaping unadvisable. 

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