Reasons for Having Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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People undergo rhinoplasty for a variety of aesthetic and functional reasons. If you sometimes find you have breathing difficulties, or if you feel your nose looks or feels out of place then it may be worth your time considering nose reshaping surgery.

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

For anyone suffering from self-consciousness as a result of their nose, a "Nose Job" will address this. The nose is at the centre of the face, meaning that if you feel it uncomfortable with it the feeling is magnified by the nose's prominent facial position. Rhinoplasty aims to balance the face and draw misplaced attention away from the nose and to refocus it on the eyes. This process is called 'harmonising', adjusting the nose in relation to the rest of your facial features so that the face is in harmony.

Nose reshaping can change the appearance of the nose is almost any way you please.

Rhinoplasty can address the following concerns:

  • Size: if the nose is too big or too small
  • Length: if the nose is too long or too short
  • Width: if the nose is too wide, too fat or too narrow
  • Tilt: if the tip is hooked downwards or angled upwards
  • Tip: if the nose looks too bulbous, pinched or has a cleft tip
  • Symmetry: if the nose is crooked or generally asymmetrical
  • Nostrils: if they are too close or too far apart, look flared or pinched, or if the cartilage and skin between the nostrils (the columnella) hangs down too far
  • Angle: if the slope or direction of the nose needs adjusting
  • Shape: if the nose is humped, has a bump or a dip
  • Scarring: if the nose has excessive scar tissue or other superficial surface markings

Functional Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping surgery is also useful in correcting breathing problems or any other damages affecting the nose for that matter. If a person suffers from breathing difficulties, especially with narrow nasal passages, then nose reshaping can open or widen these passages allowing greater ease when breathing and alleviate the problem. If a nose has been misshapen after an accident or if a birth defect affects the nose then a "Nose Job" can correct this. Problems with the nose can also cause headaches and sinus difficulties which can be addressed and cured with nose reshaping. Ailments affecting the nose’s functionality can cause as much concern as aesthetic worries and so can also lead to a decrease in self-confidence.

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