Preparing for Your Nose Reshaping Surgery ("Nose Job")

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There are some general things to organise before you undergo your rhinoplasty. Having everything ready and running smoothly will help ensure you have a complication free operation and an easy recovery.  Book time off work for both the procedure and recovery time as you will need the rest. You may need 10 to 14 days to recover so make sure this time is booked off work in advance so you are certain you have the downtime to relax and heal. Arrange for someone to pick you up after the surgery and make sure there is someone at home to care for you and help you after the operation as you will be tired and sore for the first few days. You should aim to get as much organised before the surgery as you can. During the early days of recovery you are unlikely to want to take care of anything and time worrying is time better spent healing.

The Countdown to Your "Nose Job"

In the weeks prior to your rhinoplasty you should begin to start taking measures to prepare for the surgery. If you smoke you will have to stop as this can cause complications during the operation. Ideally you should stop smoking altogether, but for the purposes of the procedure you will need to cease smoking two weeks prior and after the surgery to reduce the risk of complications. It is a good idea to purchase pain medication and to collect any prescribed painkillers in this period ready for when you come out of surgery and the anaesthesia wears off. Although it may be difficult, try to avoid catching any colds over this period and inform your surgeon if you do as minor illness can cause complications during invasive surgery like rhinoplasty. Also avoid taking any medications containing aspirin as this thins the blood and could cause unnecessary bleeding during the operation. It is good preparation to take vitamin supplements before the surgery to support the healing process, multivitamins in particular containing vitamins A, C, D, E, iron and zinc are good for healing.

On the day before your "Nose Job" you need to check that the last few things are in order. Prepare a ready stock of cold compresses, which you can store in the fridge or freezer, for when you want to sooth swelling – ice bags and frozen vegetables are an easily accessible remedy to this purpose. Store up some easily digestible foods ready for after the rhinoplasty operation, such as soups, juices and soft foods as well as easy to eat snacks like crackers and crisps. Take note of any recommendations made by the surgeon for this time, for instance some surgeons suggest taking herbal remedies to combat post operative bruising and swelling. On the night of before your operation make sure you get plenty of rest so you are refreshed and ready to undergo the surgery. Avoid eating anything after midnight as this can lead to a feeling of nausea after the nose reshaping surgery. Remember to wash your face thoroughly and with antibacterial soap to eliminate any germs which might be present on the skin as this will help reduce the risk of skin infection.

On the day of your nose reshaping surgery you should be almost entirely ready. Continue the processes of the night before like washing your face again thoroughly and carefully to kill any remaining bacteria. Also make sure you now no longer eat anything until after the rhinoplasty and avoid using any hairstyling products or make-up before the procedure as these can leave unwanted substances on your skin. Dress suitably in loose, comfortable clothing which provides you with the greatest ease of movement and the medical team easy access to your body. Most importantly relax and give yourself plenty of time to arrive for the surgery.

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